Exploring Ekta Parksville: Your Gateway to Modern Living in Virar West

The majestic Ekta Parksville is situated in Virar West’s lively terrain, where contemporary life coexists peacefully with nature. This residential complex, which spans across, redefines what it means to live in luxury. Ekta Parksville encourages you to set off on a journey of comfort, peace, and modernity by providing an exceptional combination of elegance and affordability.

Embracing Tranquility from a Towering Panoramic Marvel

Ekta Parksville offers its residents the big city lifestyle in Virar. It’s impossible to disregard this high-rise’s blueprint magnificence as the rays of sun shimmer on its 15 storey. EKTA Parksville, is a true example of quality and affordability combined. In the middle of a busy metropolitan setting, Ekta Parksville is an idyllic retreat situated on grounds that cover more than an acre. It is a location where tranquilly and nature live together, offering locals a getaway from the stress of daily life. Here, the calm sounds of birds singing and the soft rustle of leaves reverberate throughout the complex.

Amenities and Facilities Redefining Luxury

With an array of arrangements that denominates every facet of modern living, the residential complex embodies grandeur. Ekta Parksville offers an amalgamation of leisure, relaxation, and fitness as mentioned below:

Landscaping & Tree Planting: Rejuvenate your senses by encircling yourself with appetizing greenery.

Jogging Track: Preach fitness every morning on a dedicated jogging path, perfect for your routine.

Children’s Play Area: Bestow your children the opportunity to explore amusement in a secure setting.

Open Gymnasium: Work out in the enriching outdoors and relish a healthy lifestyle.

Club House/Multipurpose Court: Participate in socialising, sports, and leisure tasks in the neighbourhood clubhouse.

Gazebo and Open Lawn: Discover your zen in quiet areas, such as on the grassy lawn or in a gazebo.

Kids Pool: Children will enjoy themselves by splashing about in a separate pool.

Net Cricket and Outdoor Chess Board: Play outdoor games and friendly contests with your friends and family.

Party Lawn and Shrub Bed: Host events and gatherings in gorgeously planted locations.

Enhancing Life Within the Walls by Elevating Comfort

Step inside Ekta Parksville’s tastefully decorated residences to experience luxury on every level. Mirror-finished granite/vitrified flooring tiles provide a sense of opulence to the living areas and bedrooms. Each residence’s doors are more than simply regular doors; they are pathways to a sumptuous experience.

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Thoughtful Details in Kitchen and Bathrooms

Even the most practical places at Ekta Parksville are elegantly and functionally constructed. Cooking in the semi-furnished modular kitchen is a pleasure owing to the stainless-steel sink and granite top platform. The attention to detail that characterises Ekta Parksville is seen in the high-end sanitary tiles, granite-platformed wash basin.

A total of 43 buildings In EKTA Parksville and EKTA Brooklyn Park make up the integrated residential township project known as Ekta Parksville. The project has received Occupation Certificate for 36 buildings. Ekta Parksville Virar West is your choice if you’re looking for a lifestyle that is unparalleled based on its thoughtful amenities, superb décor, and panoramic views.


Goregaon, a Mumbai suburb, grabbing a lot of attention due to its strategic location, meteoritic rise in social and infrastructural developments. With new home developments arising rapidly to cater to demand from people, you may envision the kind of expansion the neighbourhood is seeing. Goregaon is not only home to the middle class; those seeking luxury residential buildings can certainly find something appealing here. These upscale housing developments in Goregaon demonstrate that influential people have taken notice of the neighbourhood. People are investing their money in Goregaon real estate. What, on the contrary side, draws real estate investors to Goregaon? Let us discuss the factors that influence home buyers’ and investors’ preferences for Goregaon.

Goregaon is well-connected.

On the Western Railway Line, Goregaon Railway Station is one of the major stations. The railway station acts as the focal point for the central and western lines of Mumbai, therefore Goregaon eventually serves as a residence for those who take the harbour line to work. The Western Express Highway and the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road are the two main highways that run through Goregaon. Furthermore, Goregaon is traversed by the SV road, which offers superb access to the remainder of the city. And the upcoming Mulund Goregoan link road, and Mrinal tai and Jogeshwari flyover have enhanced east west connectivity.

Ideal location.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Goregaon, it’s in the perfect location because it’s nestled between Andheri and Borivali, two of Mumbai’s most notable neighbourhoods. In addition, Goregaon is adjacent to important Mumbai business districts like Andheri, ODC, Mindspace, BKC and Bandra, which enables inhabitants to enjoy even walk to work culture and invest in Goregaon luxury apartment buildings. Goregaon is also home to numerous big international firms. The top executives of these MNCs invest in opulent residential buildings in Goregaon because they desire to live closer to their places of business.

A well-equipped suburb.

There are a many shopping centres throughout Goregaon, Inorbit, Infinity, etc to name a few. Many of Mumbai’s top retail malls are present in Goregaon. The most renowned brands and sturdy multiplexes are found in these Goregaon malls, which contributes to their attraction. Some of the best hospitals in the city are in Goregaon. It also houses has some of its finest schools to give them the best education possible.

Return on investment.

Anyone who invests money in a project hopes to make a sizable profit. Goregaon has seen a rapid pace of growth in the city for residential building. Buying a brand-new home in Goregaon right now can yield some of the best profits for investors. As reported by buyers, prices for houses in Goregaon have grown by 8% this year. Goregaon has shown tremendous growth amid the dire situation of the economy.

The luxurious Ekta Tripolis residential development in Mumbai is for sale. It has 36 residential storeys. The super-sized luxury apartments in Goregaon West come in the following layouts: 2BHK Gracia, 3BHK Eleganz, 3BHK Grande, and 4BHK Elan. By Ekta World Real Estate Developers, it is a project that is ready for habitation and is OC received. In the modern era where everybody seeks to protect the generation after us, Ekta World has taken the initiative and advanced towards the rising popularity of green buildings. EKTA Tripolis is designed and constructed to be a ‘Green Building’.

The building complies with fire safety and protection regulations. Accessibility to the total amount of open space designated for recreation as well as energy management, landscaping and tree planting, solid waste management and elimination, and stormwater drains are additional provisions. A closed-car parking area is available. Additionally, it features a swimming pool, a gym, a multipurpose court, a jogging track, a children’s play area, and lots more. Inorbit Mall, VIBGYOR School, and the International Airport are nearby EktaTripolis, which has a thriving social system.

Visit our website www.ektatripolis.com right away to get more information about Ekta Tripolis.

Why Goregaon West Is The Perfect Location For Families

Are you in search of a new residence in Mumbai? If so, you want to think about GoregaonWest. This suburban Mumbai neighbourhood is known for its practical proximity and array of social infrastructure. In GoregaonWest, you may find a flat that suits your needs, whether you’re seeking an opulent residence or a more budget-friendly one.

Are you in search of a new residence in Mumbai? If so, you want to think about GoregaonWest. This suburban Mumbai neighbourhood is known for its practical proximity and array of social infrastructure. In GoregaonWest, you may find a flat that suits your needs, whether you’re seeking an opulent residence or a more budget-friendly one.


Location : The project’s location should be considered as one of the most crucial elements. A major suburb, Goregaon is broken into numerous smaller communities. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a project that is situated in a neighbourhood that complements your way of life. EktaTripolis in Goregaon West is an excellent spot to live for those who appreciate the ease of city living because it is home to a lot of retail malls, eateries, and cafés. Another important consideration is how close it is to neighbouring Mumbai areas like Malad, Andheri Lokhandawala.

Budget : The cost of the residential project should also be evaluated keeping in mind one’s budget. All the upscale, ready-to-move Ekta World buildings are presented as value for money housing options you can discover in Goregaon West because the company firmly supports its customers’ vision to aspirational living. The eye-catching tower comprises 4BHK Elan, 3BHK Grande, 3BHK Eleganz, and 2BHK Gracia super-sized luxury apartments.

Amenities : When selecting a residential property, you must consider several key criteria in addition to location and cost. Infrastructure and facilities / amenities are among them. EktaTripolis is a multi-faceted residential in Goregaon West which includes a swimming pool, open amphitheatre, shade shelter, gymnasium area, multi-purpose court, jogging track, children’s play area, stormwater drain, waste management and disposal, and much more.


Strategic location : GoregaonWest is strategically located with easy access to Western express highway, Link Road and SV road, enhancing connectivity to Andheri, Bandra and Lower Parel which are commercial areas. Additionally, it has excellent access to other areas of the city by major highways and rail hubs.

Infrastructural expansion : New highways, bridges, and flyovers, Metro line have been built in GoregaonWest recently, contributing to the area’s tremendous infrastructural growth. As a result, connection and accessibility have been enhanced, making it a more desirable site for investors and homebuyers.

High demand : GoregaonWest has an elevated need for residential homes because of its prime location, expanding infrastructure, and accessibility to facilities like hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. For investors seeking long-term capital growth, this makes it the perfect place for investment.

Rental income : In GoregaonWest, investors can anticipate a rental yield of about 2-3%, which is thought to be favourable in the Mumbai real estate market. Because of this, investors like it as a site.

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Ekta Tripolis  is one of Goregaon West’s premier residential developments that gives homeowners a selection of layouts if they want to enjoy the best. We guarantee that you will receive nothing less than the best, with rooms that are spacious, modular kitchens, imported marble floors, and more. We can only say, “Welcome home!”

Ekta Tripolis Redefining the Real Estate Landscape of Goregaon West

Ekta World, one of Mumbai’s most prominent real estate developers and builders with an enviable track record for superior workmanship, creativity, and integrating regional landscapes with global lifestyles, is pleased to declare that its flagship project, “Ekta Tripolis,” at Goregaon West, has obtained Occupation Certificate to towers A and B.

Ashok Mohanani, Chairman of Ekta World, responded to this latest acquisition, saying, “We are thrilled to acquire OC for towers A and B for our premier project Ekta Tripolis. At Ekta, we are dedicated to keeping the commitments that we have made to our clients, bankers, and other stakeholders. We are pleased to have finished the job after overcoming all difficulties and appreciative of all the authorities as well as individuals who believed in and stood by us. We are eagerly readying ourselves to welcome our residents to their dream home.”

Adding to this Vivek Mohanani, Managing Director and CEO of Ekta World stated that “We are dedicated to maintaining high levels of standards and integrity. EKTA Tripolis will serve as a landmark in the region and fulfil the promise of global lifestyles to local landscapes. This will serve as a symbol of our dedication as developers.”

Ekta Tripolis at Siddharth Nagar, a luxurious 36-story building, is situated in the sprawling Mumbai suburbs. It is one of Goregaon West’s premier residential developments that gives homeowners an array of structures. A project offering 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK super-sized luxury apartments with top-notch amenities was built in the centre of Mumbai’s most coveted suburb to assist homeowners in imagining leading an idyllic lifestyle. Due to the enormous social and infrastructural expansion that Goregaon has experienced over the past few years, the project has consequently become the top choice for anyone looking to purchase a brand-new property.

Because of its close connection to the corporate world and the thriving sector of entertainment, Goregaon has become one of Mumbai’s most popular neighbourhoods for homes. It is a centre that is specially situated to benefit working professionals. The Mumbai Metro, the suburban railway line, the Western Express Highway, as well as domestic and international airports, are all easily accessible from there. In the past five years, around 8,000 new housing units have been built in Goregaon, and 55% of the available supply has already been occupied. This reflects the growing interest in houses in Goregaon, which has emerged as the most well-liked and desirable residential hub. Additionally, it provides quick access to and near the vicinity of offices, restaurants, malls, schools, and other establishments.

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Ekta World has unquestionably expanded brick by brick while undertaking numerous successful construction projects in the process. Along with creating distinctive structures, the group also attended to the comfort and necessities of its residents. Contact us right away if you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of buying New Residential Properties in Goregaon West.

Which is the Smarter Alternative in 2022: Purchasing or Renting a Property in India?

Purchasing your own home is a significant achievement. After you’ve established a reliable source of revenue, it’s considered the next right step. However, numerous factors are involved when purchasing a home, making this a rather time-consuming process. Renting an apartment could be a more practical and cost-effective solution. Nothing, however, compares to the safety and stability of owning a home. Is it preferable to purchase a home than to rent one? Now let us look at both scenarios..

Why is it preferable to own a home?

Emotionally valuable

The adage of roti kapada makaan still holds good and will continue to, having a roof over one’s head is among a man’s three fundamental needs. A permanentaddressprovides a family with a sense of security, safety & great sense of belonging. Knowing that you have a support system in place for retirement eases your mind. Furthermore, it can be preserved for generations to come.

It lowers the expense of relocation

Owning a house in one of the prestigious residential projects in Mumbai eliminates the need for regular relocation. This can happen in rental housing for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that a spike in rent will make it expensive. It could also be the end of the tenancy agreement’s specified time frame.Constant relocating can be both exhausting and costly. Finding a new home to stay in, as well as loading or unloading all your stuff, takes time and can be grossly inconvenient.

An excellent investment

It is a valued possession in addition to having a high emotional resonance, real estate is regarded as a wise investment. Aside from exceptional conditions, the value of residential houses is known to appreciate. As a result, your capital increases. Not only that, but you can save money on your purchase by taking advantage of tax breaks.

Rent vs. EMI

Regardless of where you live, there will be a cost. When you live in an area that you do not own, this is in the form of rent. When you buy a house, on the other side, the payment is normally made through EMIs. This is a monthly expense, just like rent. However, the advantage is that each instalment takes you nearer to being mortgage free.

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Why is it preferable to rent a home?

It does not bind you to a specific location

A house is a tangible asset that cannot be moved. It ties you to the location where it is found. You rarely know when you’ll have to shift in today’s fast-paced environment. It could be because of a work move, access to specialised facilities, such as healthcare, or even a wedding. Having your own home limits, you in several ways. You may be obliged to select a path that you would not have chosen otherwise, limiting your potential.

There are fewer costs involved

Buying a house entails a host of fees.It’s not just about the EMIs you offer but also the down payment which is the first thing.This is a portion of the total price you’ll have to pay upfront to secure the space. Legal expenses, as well as other taxes and surcharges imposed by your bank, maybe implicated, depending on the circumstances. This is in addition to the cost of registration and any taxes that may be imposed on the purchase. You will also be responsible for paying property taxes each year after your assessment.

Whether you should buy or rent is determined by a number of factors, the most important of which is your financial status.

To conclude, Buying a property, would be considered the better alternative, apart from all the benefits that you and your family can enjoy and create good support system in a community life, the current interest rates for home loan are at a decade low making your home purchase all the more desirable and lucrative.

Stay tuned for more!

Consider these tips while searching for a perfect home for yourself!

One of the biggest life-changing choices you’ll ever have to make is deciding on your dream home. You should plan on seeing several properties and compare before deciding on the purchase. With that in mind, there are a few crucial factors to consider when you begin to evaluate how to choose the ideal home.

Decide on your budget

Whenever you start looking at properties, have a practical chat with property managers. It can be tempting for first-time homebuyers to go over budget if they fall in love with a property, but the worry of being unable to make future mortgage and over stretching may not be wise. Similarly, failing to establish a clear estimate can result in you losing out on some fantastic homes by bidding too low.

Purchase to suit your way of life.

Choose a home that complements your way of life. It’s vital to aspire for your life, but it’s also important to be practical about the functionality and desirability. Amongst other things Location would be key. Determine what you need now and what you’ll want in five years from property to ensure that your search includes both ‘today’ and ‘aspiration’ properties.

Make a list of essentials.

It’s crucial to understand your essential requirements before deciding how to choose the perfect home. What additional non-negotiable issues exist except the budget? Greenspace, multiple bathrooms, private parking, or a storeroom loft are all possibilities. List each component: make a list of “non-negotiables” and a separate list of “nice-to-haves.” When determining whether to examine a property, use the ‘non-negotiables’ as criteria, and then assign a point to each of the ‘nice-to-haves’ existing in the property as you inspect it — this will help you swiftly evaluate different properties once you’ve seen a few.

Make some mental improvements.

When it comes to deciding how to choose the correct house, aesthetics can be a very personal matter and you’d want to factor interior designing as well in aggregate home buying budgets. This includes looking beyond the décor to the room itself. Pay attention to the ceilings and walls, as well as any light windows, and consider how your interiors would work with them. It’s a positive sign if you find yourself subconsciously relocating your belongings into the room.

Get everyone involvedMake sure that everyone is involved.

Make certain you have input from everyone who is engaged. If you have children, it may be worthwhile to bring them to house site visits to see how they respond, you could perhaps integrate them in the search by asking them to make a list of the up to four features they would want in their ideal home. Create a note of your necessities if you’re purchasing with a spouse who wants things differently. This will ensure that you both get an equal amount of ‘must-haves.’ And keep in mind that you can come across somewhere that doesn’t have all you’d planned for, but it still feels like home. While the fundamentals must be met, becoming the location you know you want to live extends beyond its physical attributes.

For more information regarding properties, read more insights from Ekta World to guide you.

Buy Your Dream Home in a City That Never Sleeps

Mumbai is known as the city ofdreams and rightfully so because to own a home for yourself in the city is nothing short of a dream. It is a city that never sleeps and much like any other thriving cities of the world, the challenge lies in zeroing down on an option that works best for you. You have plethora of choice developments to select from having multiple amenities that cater to every whim.While the choices are many, not every option may fit in your budget, hence finding a house that matches both your expectations and budget can be a tough call.

If you’re looking to buy a flat in Mumbai, then two of the most sought-after places you don’t want to miss out are Bandra and Goregaon. While Goregaon is well known for its open spaces and sprawling views, it has evolved to be a desirable work & residential place & improved connectivity via metro, railways, auto and otherwise.

Bandra remains to be one of the poshest localities to live in suburban Mumbai, home to some of the iconic superstars of Bollywood like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan and many more. Let’s deep dive further into these considerations.

Dreams Come True but Only with the Right Choices

To accomplish your aspirations, it is important that you strategically plan your life. Right from where you live to how you maintain your lifestyle; are some things you must consider before making a big investment. Mumbai is a vast city and finding the correct location to stay can unlock major potential opportunities for you. Have a look at some of the best areas for living in Mumbai.


Apartments in Bandra can be on the high-end in terms of budget but they come with the benefit of living in one of the posh areas of Mumbai. Bandra West being a sea-facing area has its vibe. The standard of living in the area is not only desirable but what people strive for. In terms of Return on Investment, even reselling of one of the properties in Bandra could give life-long returns. Whether you choose to rent it out or sell it off, there’s no doubt that it’s a great investment option.

Most of the properties are bestowed with amenities such as clubs, gymkhanas, spas, restaurants, movie theatres, shopping malls, and shopping streets. Other than the recreational activities, the area has some of the best schools and healthcare facilities which are essential for anyone looking for a house.

For those who are focused professionals, the area has great connectivity with the business hubs such as Santa Cruz and Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). Owing to so many facilities it is one of the highest-priced areas in terms of real estate. Flats in the area could range from Rs 40,000 per sq ft to Rs 50,000 per sq ft and higher.


People looking for a home in Mumbai can never miss out on Goregaon. Goregaon is a mix for those looking for affordable flats to those looking for luxury living options. The residential projects in the area offer various options, i.e., from standard flats to luxury homes. The presence of these luxury housing projects in Goregaon shows that the region is drawing the attention of influential people.

Goregaon falls between Andheri and Borivali which are two of the most influential places in Mumbai. This makes it a perfect location for people who want to buy a residential property in an accessible location in Mumbai. Goregaon is also close to key commercial areas like Andheri, BKC, and Bandra which makes it easy for people to enjoy a good lifestyle. Several MNCs are also present in the region, helping professionals to find good employment options nearby.

It has all the essential amenities and markets to help you have a comfortable lifestyle. From an investment point of view, it is a great option as it offers a good ROI in the long run. The real estate market in the area is booming and so will your money.

Ekta World Comes Up With A CSR Initiative In Support Of Accesslife

When it comes to contributing and giving it back to the society, Ekta World always rises to the occasion. Ekta World recently provided its full support to Accesslife, a non-profit organization that shelters children, encouraging the brave hearts to start their lives with positivity. The foundation gives these children hope to reclaim their lives and have an optimistic outlook battling cancer, making them look forward to the future. Accesslife began its journey to support these children in June 2014, in Chembur and since then, it has established 6 care centers across Mumbai and Thane.

Families from rural areas and small towns often need a place to stay while their children are being treated at hospitals. Accesslife supports these families and their children with temporary homes to stay. The organization gives them all the necessities such as proper nutrition, clothes and engages them in recreational facilities. Accesslife also supports these children and their families emotionally and psychologically, counseling them is an important attribute/aspect of our center. Apart from this, the non-profit organization also provides transport facilities to patients who go for regular session of treatment.

Ekta World as a real estate developer has given homebuyers luxury and ultra-luxury residential properties that promise and deliver state-of-the-art home and exciting amenities beyond measure. However, apart from catering to the rising demands of homebuyers, the company also has strong values and noble intentions to do something for the society. Hence, it collaborates with NGOs like Accesslife that empower and provide hope to children, who have emerged victorious against their battle with cancer.

An event for a noble cause

Ekta World presents Artists for a cause – A blend of music, dance and art in support of AccessLife. The mega event comprised of artists from different fields, who displayed their talent and entertained the audience.

Conceptualized by Samir Date, it was a wonderful event that witnessed the coming together of music, art and dance, to support and empower brave cancer survivors. The audience was in for a treat with exciting performances by Anuradha Pal Zia Nath & Sangeeta Babani. Also, part of the event was Hon’ble Minister of School Education, Sports and Youth Welfare Shri Ashish Shelar ji, who graced the occasion.

Performing Artists-

– Samir & Dipalee Date – Globally renowned singers
– Anuradha Pal – India’s first female table player
– Sangeeta Babani – Celebrated and prolific painter
– Zia Nath – Internationally renowned dancer

A Homebuyer’s Guide to Relishing Home Loan Tax Benefits

Home Buyers have the opportunity to avail tax benefits and can take a loan under two circumstances; one for the purchase of a property and second for the renovation of the house. But a home loan has multiple tax benefits for a homebuyer. Let’s have a look at some of the tax benefits, property buyers get once they decide to buy their dream home.

  1. Support of the government – The government fully supports and encourages people to invest in homes as they then get viable tax deductions on the principal as well as interest paid on home loans. Under section 80C of Income Tax of India 1971 Act, a person is eligible to claim a deduction of up to Rs 1.5 Lacs. Also, the deductions are doable only after the construction of the house is completed. A homebuyer can’t claim income tax deductions while the property is being constructed.
  2. Tax benefits for second house – Under section 24B of Income Tax Act, to buy a second house, a homebuyer is eligible to claim a deduction for the entire amount of housing loan interest.
  3. Prepayment charges not applicable – There are no prepayment penalties on floating rate home loans. So a homebuyer, who has surplus money, can use it to make some payment towards a home loan and lower his burden.
  4. Easily buy your dream home – Buying a home has now become easy, with the availability of home loan that can be smoothly repaid in stress-free monthly installments.
  5. Long repayment duration – Amongst a variety of loans, a home loan has the lengthiest repayment tenure of up to 30 years, hence it proves to be less burdening for a homebuyer.
  6. Relish appreciation for the property – Over the years, rise in property prices can definitely work in favor of a homebuyer.

Winners Announced for Ekta World Green Holi Contest

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Ekta World

Ekta World boasts of multiple societies under their banner thanks to an array of luxury apartments and residential townships developed in over 3 decades. This gives them an advantage of working on social causes on a greater level bringing a large number of people together.

This Holi, Ekta World’s team decided to spread the message of an eco friendly festival and bring all the societies together for the cause. Since Holi is the festival of colours, and if played irresponsibly, can result in loss of millions of litres of water. This is something that Ekta World is well aware of. Water is the backbone of such colossal societies and loss of water would do no good to anyone.

Green Holi campaign was organized between all the societies that have been developed by Ekta World. The message was simple, to encourage and come up with a way to play Holi that is friendly to environment so that the well being of ecology is ensured. Many exciting prizes were announced for the winning societies along with attractive gift hampers. All they needed to do was to share pictures of celebrations with the judges.

Needless to say, every society came up with unique and creative ideas on making the festival friendly for environment. With their efforts, Ekta World and their esteemed residents saved water and ensured a green Holi.

The top five winners, Ekta Woods, Ekta Parksville, Ekta Bhoomi Gardens I & II and Sai Shraddha were chosen because of their extraordinary efforts and enthusiasm. Their zeal to create something different made the Holi Celebrations not only memorable for everyone in the society but also helped create an example that many other are expected to follow in the coming times.

Festivals in India are a great way to bring people together. With maximum green cover, recycled products and use of alternate sources of energy, EKTA World is one of the best and environmentally conscious brands in Maharashtra.