Winners Announced for Ekta World Green Holi Contest

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Ekta World

Ekta World boasts of multiple societies under their banner thanks to an array of luxury apartments and residential townships developed in over 3 decades. This gives them an advantage of working on social causes on a greater level bringing a large number of people together.

This Holi, Ekta World’s team decided to spread the message of an eco friendly festival and bring all the societies together for the cause. Since Holi is the festival of colours, and if played irresponsibly, can result in loss of millions of litres of water. This is something that Ekta World is well aware of. Water is the backbone of such colossal societies and loss of water would do no good to anyone.

Green Holi campaign was organized between all the societies that have been developed by Ekta World. The message was simple, to encourage and come up with a way to play Holi that is friendly to environment so that the well being of ecology is ensured. Many exciting prizes were announced for the winning societies along with attractive gift hampers. All they needed to do was to share pictures of celebrations with the judges.

Needless to say, every society came up with unique and creative ideas on making the festival friendly for environment. With their efforts, Ekta World and their esteemed residents saved water and ensured a green Holi.

The top five winners, Ekta Woods, Ekta Parksville, Ekta Bhoomi Gardens I & II and Sai Shraddha were chosen because of their extraordinary efforts and enthusiasm. Their zeal to create something different made the Holi Celebrations not only memorable for everyone in the society but also helped create an example that many other are expected to follow in the coming times.

Festivals in India are a great way to bring people together. With maximum green cover, recycled products and use of alternate sources of energy, EKTA World is one of the best and environmentally conscious brands in Maharashtra.