EKTA Parksville- Rendering The Sense Of Harmony And Community

EKTA Parksville

Ekta World ensures that a sense of harmony is maintained and persists amongst the residents for its projects. It is extremely essential to develop community living and that a secure and loving environment is created. To enhance this, Ekta Parksville hosted a grand event called the Funathon for all its families at its premium township in Virar. This amazing event was organized to give the residents an all-round experience of joy and fun and create relations in our Ekta Parivaar.

A lot of engaging individual and group activities were held for everyone in the family which helped improve their bonding. Musical chair was one such activity that was enjoyed by one and all. It was amazing to see everyone, whether old or young run around the chairs excitedly and compete yet encourage each other to do well. Another exciting game played was the family quiz. The game was divided into various rounds like fire round, buzzer round and guessing round. It was further intriguing that the questions were based on the family members’ interests and each family member had to contribute to answering and playing a vital role in winning the game. One more exciting game called the treasure hunt was played to suit the vibe of team building exercise. The players were split into different teams based on age or family wise and each team tries to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues& hints. The game was designed in such a way that the residents were bound to explore every nook and cranny of the complex. There was even a drawing competition hosted for kids. It was brilliant to see tiny tots ooze out their creativity on paper using crayons and water colors. Post all the activities, a scrumptious meal were hosted for the residents which they gorged on happily while the fun and frolic continued. The funathon ended on a high note with a prize distribution ceremony and fun filled game of housie and of course our promise to be back soon with many more such initiatives.

This beautiful effort taken for Ekta Parksville residents was one of a kind and brought out a sense of belongingness in the residents and enabled them to work together as a team while getting to know each other better.

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